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Textile waterproofing spray- Gorilla Shield Protects textile and fabric surfaces from stain and water.

Hydrophobic and oleophobic properties gives coated fabrics anti-stain and easy-clean features and creates waterproof or water-repellent fabric. Product ranges also protect the textile-based materials from UV rays, thus prolonging the lifespan of the fabric and its dyes.
Old-school textile coatings generally need high heat for curing and shows poor durability. But with Gorilla Shield fabric waterproofing spray coatings, you will not experience this.

Application areas: Garments, upholstery textiles, seats, including those in transportation vehicles, private and public (Plane, Car, Ferry, Bus, Train), carpets, curtains and all other textile surfaces.

Surface should be free of any dust, wax, dirt, oil, water or etc.
Application area should be ventilated well.

Surface should be sprayed around 80-100 times for one square meter.

Curing time is 24 h.

Durability is 6 months.

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