Phoenix Firebird Heater


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Phoenix has turned up the HEAT with our new FireBird Electric Heat Drying System. Powerful, Portable and
Safe BTU’s wherever you need them – the FireBird can provide up to 31,000 BTU’s of instant heat to speed
your drying.
At the 50-amp setting, the FireBird produces 31,000 BTU’s – that’s 360 CFM with a 80°F temperature rise.
Imagine placing the FireBird in an area with below freezing temperatures and instantly producing 360 CFM
of air over 100 degrees. Using the 30-amp setting the FireBird produces 18,000 BTU’s – providing a 46°F
temperature rise. Internal temperature cutouts prevent the FireBird from overheating an area, while the
FireBird’s included remote thermostat provides a means to control the heat from anywhere in the drying
space.• ETL Certified, UL Listed, NEC Compliant

• 30 or 50 Amp operation (18,000 BTU/31,000

• 30 Amp = 24 Amp per NEC Standard and 46ºF

• Temperature Rise
• 50 Amp = 40 Amp per NEC Standard and 80ºF

• Temperature Rise
• 360 CFM

• Startup Delay to prevent dangerous arcing/

• Double-Walled, Screened Enclosure for heating

• Automatic Low-Airflow Shutoff

• Internal 140ºF Safety Thermal Cutouts

• Two 8’ 4-Pole Grounded Power Cords

• (1 dryer, 1 range) included with unit

• Phoenix Thermostat with 25’ connecting wire

• Unique multiple ducting options

• Standard MERV-11, MERV-14

• Detachable 12” Duct Collar stores in lid with
room for power cords

• Stainless steel cabinet

Xactimate Code: WTRHTAM

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