Gorilla All Carpet Rinse, Gallon

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Gorilla Chemicals | All Carpet Rinse Acid Rinse & Urine Neutralizer

All Carpet Rinse is an acid rinse to neutralize pH in carpet and upholstery. It is extremely effective in removing soap residue from carpets. It has a clean, fresh fragrance that will leave all carpets smelling great. It also can be used as urine treatment to neutralize urine salts. All Carpet Rinse can also reverse yellowing in olefin carpet.

pH 1.5-2.5

Dilution: 1oz to a gallon or quart, or up to 5 gallons for a truck mount slurry.

For urine treatment 6oz to 8oz to a gallon.

Compare to Pro-Chem All Fiber Rinse or Bridgepoint FabSet.

RTU/Gal Cost $0.05

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