Gorilla Blue Thunder, 50lb Pail

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Gorilla Chemicals Blue Thunder Carpet Pre-spray/Emulsifier

Blue Thunder is a new generation Carpet Extraction detergent powder with environmentally safe solvents, that quickly cut through grease and the toughest of soil and leaves the carpet clean. Blue Thunder is powerful enough for commercial buildings and restaurant carpets, yet it is also safe for residential carpet. This product can be used as a primary cleaning agent or as a rinsing agent in the extraction process for carpets.

To make a truckmount concentrated slurry, Mix 1½ Lbs (3 Cups) of blue thunder into 5 gallons of hot water mix until completely dissolved. Set truckmount chemical feed system from 2 to 3 GPH.

Mix ½ to ¾ of an ounce of Blue Thunder per gallon of hot water. Mix until completely dissolved.

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