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Gorilla FLEX

Gorilla FLEX is an advanced high alkaline traffic lane cleaner/pre-spray formulated to be effective on heavily soiled and trashed synthetic carpeting. Gorilla FLEX provides you with superior cleaning effectiveness when compared to other restorative carpet cleaning pre-sprays. It is extremely effective and aggressive on grease, soil, food, oxidized oils, fine particulate clay based soiling, and even filtration soiling. Even with its incredibly aggressive formula, Gorilla FLEX is safer to use than other heavy duty cleaners. Gorilla Flex is not designed to be used on 5th generation fibers. For 5th Generation Fibers try our Gorilla EraserPac for all your stain resistant carpets.

Mountain Fresh

Mountain Fresh absorbs odor molecules on contact and removes unpleasant odors instantly. Does not mask odors it eliminates them. Mountain Fresh eliminates odors caused by mold, mildew, bacteria, sewage, urine, vomit, and other organic odors. This product can also be used on air scrubbers and air handling equipment to remove odors.

Urine Attack

Urine Attack eliminates the need for harsh chemicals its 100% biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-pathogenic, has billions of safe microbes. Urine Attack is especially formulated to destroy uric acid odors caused by pet and human urine. Urine Attack works best when allowed to penetrate porous surfaces where the sources of many malodors thrive; this product must come in contact with the source of odor to eliminate it. Repeat application until odor disappears.

Enzyme Grease Eater

Enzyme Grease Eater is especially formulated to dissolve grease and oils and protein soils making them ready for extraction. It works great in restaurants and on problem soils found in homes and apartments. Enzyme Grease Eater is economical to use. It can be diluted for use with any type of sprayer for pennies per diluted gallon.

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