Gorilla Erase HD Carpet Pre-Spray, Gallon

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Gorilla Chemicals Erase HD Heavy Duty Pre-Spray

Erase HD is specially formulated to clean the most extremely soiled carpets. Use on the toughest cleaning jobs like apartments, restaurants, and commercial cleaning. This high-performance cleaner quickly suspends and emulsifies even the most stubborn soils instantly. Erase HD is to be used as a pretreatment on heavily soiled carpets and should be extracted after use. Erase HD is not designed to be used on 5th generation fibers. For 5th Generation Fibers try our Gorilla Chemicals EraserPac for all your stain-resistant carpets.

Dilution: 1:9 for heavy soiling

1:16 for medium soiling

Case: Includes 4 gallons

RTU/Gal Cost $0.96

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