Newline New O2 (GL) | Peroxide Additive and Organic Stain Remover

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New O2 is a hazardous shipping items so expect to pay more for freight.

New O2 Hydrogen Peroxide Booster and Organic Stain Remover.
Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide

New O2 bleaches faster and removes all impurities through a sterilizing process. New O2 removes yellowing which can occur on synthetic carpet and upholstery. New O2 treats stubborn urine stains. New O2's powerful oxidation process neutralizes odors. New O2 makes an excellent booster for Newline Industries New CAPS encapsulation cleaner. New O2 is excellent at removing water stains. New O2 is great when used as a Urine Stain Remover. New O2 is a 20% by volume Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide.

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