Gorilla Olefin Eraser, Gallon



Gorilla Chemicals Olefin Eraser Traffic Lane Cleaner and Carpet Preconditioning Agent


Olefin Eraser is an advanced high alkaline traffic lane cleaner/ pre-spray formulated to be effective on heavily soiled and trashed synthetic carpeting. Olefin Eraser provides you with superior cleaning effectiveness when compared to other restorative carpet cleaning presprays and as a last resort cleaner on the ultimate filth in carpeting and synthetic upholstery. It is extremely effective and aggressive on grease, soil, food, and oxidized oils. We know that you are already working hard when it comes to cleaning heavily soiled carpets. Once you have applied Olefin Eraser Traffic Lane cleaner, you and your customer will be amazed as it starts to dissolve and break down soils right before your eyes. Extraction will be so much easier, and you won’t have to worry about over wetting due to multiple wet passes. Even with its incredibly aggressive formula, Olefin Eraser is still safer to use than other heavy duty cleaners, proven by the fact that it is VOC compliant.



Dilution: 1:16 8oz to 1 gl.

RTU/Gal Cost $0.61

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Weight 9 lbs


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