Gorilla Peroxy Orange Citrus Cleaner



Peroxy Orange Citrus Cleaner is the natural solution for all cleaning tasks. It is made with a blend of organic surfactants, citrus oils, and hydrogen peroxide. Peroxy Orange Citrus Cleaner is intended for all hard surfaces such as floors, walls, restrooms, shower rooms, kitchens, carpeting, upholstered furniture, glass, and all other surfaces not harmed by water.

Light Duty (1 oz per gallon)
Uses: Tile floors, glass, mirrors, stainless steel, carpet extraction cleaning, counter tops, desks, tables, furniture, telephones, etc.
Medium Duty (2 oz per gallon)Uses: Walls, floors, kitchen, carpet bonnet cleaning, spot cleaning, desks, etc.Heavy Duty (4 oz per gallon)
Uses: Restroom cleaning, carpet prespray, spot and stain removal, grouted floors, etc.
Extra Heavy Duty (8 oz per gallon)
Uses: Heavy duty stain removal, grease, ink and tar removal, odor eliminator, etc.

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Weight9 lbs


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