Maxshine Detailing Stool with Tool Tray



  • Detailer’s Rolling Creeper is a specially designed stool that brings a little comfort to your everyday detailing tasks. A cushioned and adjustable seat makes everything from wheel cleaning, to polishing on lower panels that much easier
  • Cushioned and adjustable seat offer more assistance while you are doing wheel cleaning
  • Detailer’s Rolling Creeper brings you all the comfort of a high-end specialty cart
  • The adjustable seat allows you to sit at any level your desire and 5 heavy-duty & the full 360 degree rotation lets you adjust accordingly without too much movement on the cart. The cushioned top makes your session comfortable
  • The Detailer’s Rolling Creeper lets you work smarter, not harder, and will make much of your detailing tasks easier and more efficient! Very useful and take a rest for detailing car

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Weight 11 lbs


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