NASIOL METALCOAT F2 Ceramic Coating Spray


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Ceramic Coating Spray
Quick Nano Paint Protection for Vehicles.

Nasiol MetalCoat protects your vehicle’s body shell from environmental damages.

Your car will always look as if it rolled out fresh from the car wash.
No slaving away buffing at scratches and spots.
You reclaim your time for joyrides instead–because you’re proud of your handsome boat/car.

MetalCoat creates a nano coating that filters UV and protects the body shell from acid rains and bird droppings, residue from water run-offs, fading from the sun, etc. It gives a deep shine to applied surfaces.

MetalCoat is applied by a simple spraying, polishing with microfiber cloth, and a 24hr curing procedure.

How to Apply Nasiol Metalcoat?

Surface should be free of any dust, wax, dirt, oil, water or etc.
Application should be made in a shade area.
Surface should be sprayed around 20-30 times for one square meter.
Surface should be buffed immediately with dry micro fiber cloth.

Curing time is 24 h.


1 year / 50 washings: Normal conditions
-20°C to +35°C, pH<12 detergent

6 months / 30 washings: Heavy conditions
-40°C to +40°C, pH>12 detergents

200-300 nm

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