Phoenix Guardian HEPA System



The Phoenix Guardian HEPA System™ was the first portable air scrubbing device designed exclusively
for the restoration industry. The Guardian can perform several critical air quality remediation functions
The Guardian HEPA System™ captures virtually all removable airborne particles. The optional 4-stage
absorption filter contains a blend of activated carbon and potassium permanganate to remove airborne odors
and chemicals.
The true 1400 cfm capacity of the Phoenix Guardian HEPA System™ will perform one air change of a 12 x 14
foot room in less than a minute. In order to be effective, an air scrubber should be able to perform a minimum
of four air changes per hour. Therefore, a single Guardian can be expected to control up to 21,000 cubic feet.• Performs several critical air quality remediation functions at one time

• Performs one air change of a 12’x14’ room in less than one minute

• 2-Speed operation (1400-900 CFM)

• Multiple ducting options

• Built-in manometer

• Only 12 amps

• Stainless steel cabinet

• Optional fourth stage carbon filter

• Unique ability to continually filter the indoor air and depressurize the site to prevent the spread of contamination simultaneously

• Wheeled cart design

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Weight 33 lbs


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