Phoenix Hydro X Vacuum Pac


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The Phoenix Hydro-X Vacuum Pac outperforms the competition by its ability to apply all of its suction power at

the source, pulling more water than any other restoration extraction vacuum tool on the market today.

The Vacuum Pac, with it’s patented, portable design and high-end technology, has two powerful vacuum

motors that can generate maximum suction. And because it is portable, the Vacuum Pac can be hand-carried

anywhere in a structure. Truckmount units must stay outside the structure, and every foot of hose deducts

1 cfm of vacuum power. When combined with the Hydro-X Xtractor, the Vac Pac can apply all of its suction

power right at the source of the water, losing no cfm unlike a truckmount that may use 24, 50 or 100 ft. of


• Portable–applies all of its suction power at the

• Rust and corrosion resistant stainless steel

• Built to withstand daily use
• Heavy duty electricals

• One year warranty on parts and labor

• Can be used separately from the Hydro-X Xtreme

• Full stainless steel chassis
• Industrial vacuum and water pump

• Optional port for other vacuum needs

• Dual vac motors

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Weight 70 lbs


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