Protimeter Technician’s Kit (Rental)

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Protimeter Technician’s Kit

Hygromaster 2, Surveymaster, Slide Hammer Probe, and Accessories with Case

When surveying buildings for moisture problems, or evaluating damage due to fire or flood, having the right tools close to hand and easily accessible allows you to quickly complete a professional diagnosis.

Protimeter kits provide a convenient, durable solution for carrying your moisture measurement needs. The Technician’s Kit includes the latest Protimeter instruments, as well as the heavy duty hammer probe.


  • Long-lasting durable case
  • Separate compartment for all items, reducing the risk of lost parts
  • Lower cost than purchasing the parts separately
  • Provides a dust-free, protected environment
  • Easy access to all accessories
  • Professional appearance
  • Drilled closure tab allows lid to be secured with padlock (not included)

The Technician’s includes:

  • Protimeter Surveymaster instrument
  • Protimeter Hygromaster 2.
  • Heavy-duty Hammer Probe
  • 4 spare hammer pins
  • 5” insulated Deep Wall Probes
  • Heavy duty pin moisture probe
  • Calibration check device
  • Heavy duty lockable ABS case

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Weight 14 lbs


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