Carpet Extraction Rinses

Clear the space of any trace of cleaning supplies and debris with high-quality carpet extraction rinses from Professional Cleaning Supply. These are the perfect option for returning the carpet to pristine condition. Our carpet extraction rinses leave the spaces they clean looking brighter and feeling softer than ever before. Our rinses are safe on all types of carpets, including wool, so you know that they’ll work for you or your client’s space.

Professional Cleaning Supply is a proud provider of supplies for a variety of industries, including those in the carpet cleaning, auto detailing, and restoration fields. We work with clients to ensure they have the products they need to get the job done right the first time. Call us today to learn more about any of our carpet cleaning products and to place an order.

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  • Gorilla All Carpet Rinse – Case (4 Gallons)

  • Gorilla All Carpet Rinse, Gallon

  • Gorilla Blue Thunder – Case (4 Each, 8lb Pails)

  • Gorilla Blue Thunder, 5lb Pail

  • Gorilla Blue Thunder, 8lb Pail

  • Gorilla Browning Treatment – Case (4 Gallons)

  • Gorilla Browning Treatment, Gallon

  • Gorilla Eraser Rinse – Case (4 Gallons)

  • Gorilla Eraser Rinse, Gallon