Pheonix Blue Airmax 

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The Phoenix AirMAX is a leader in performance, convenience, and safety for low-profile air movers, as well as the most rugged, compact, and portable fan in its class. The sleek molded-in handle gives you the solid control required when packing and unpacking multiple air movers. Its easy-winding cord wrap and multiple securement options make it a snap to prep for transport, and its deeply-molded interlocking features make the Phoenix AirMAX rock solid when stacked. With its patent-pending, motor support x-bracket, and optimized outlet shape, the Phoenix AirMAX delivers a maximum airflow of 925 CFM. This gives you high-velocity air over a 25% larger area than other low-profile air movers. In addition, the Phoenix AirMAX is stable in all 4 drying positions to maximize versatility. The Phoenix AirMAX is also the safest fan in its class, providing a quality GFCI convenience receptacle that protects not only connected loads but onboard components as well. This is unlike other fans that require external GFCI protection. In addition, where competitors position high voltage electrical connections low to the floor, the leading edge design of the Phoenix AirMAX allows these connections to be located more than 4 times the minimum required height. As the safest fan in its class, the bold design of the Phoenix AirMAX is built to keep the contractor and the customer focused on getting the job done. • Smallest on the market

• Best in class stacking and cord wrap

• Nested stacking saves ¾” per unit

• Solid integrated handle for bookshelf stacking

• 925 CFM, 1.9AMPS

• All stainless steel fasteners

• Easy to clean – The top, motor, and all electronics lift out

• Best airflow underneath and around the AirMAX

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Weight 21 lbs