Buffers & Polishers

For detailing and cleaning a car, there are few things better than high-quality buffers and polishers to ensure the job is done right. That’s why the experts at Professional Cleaning supply offer a large selection of the two, along with all the pads you could ever need. We work with experts in a variety of different fields to provide the cleaning supplies and accessories you rely on. Our selection of buffers, polishers, and pads are useful for numerous surfaces, so we’re sure to have the right one for any job. To learn more about anything in our inventory or to speak with a customer service representative, give our team a call today!

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  • Buff and Shine Microfiber Pad, 6″

  • Dry Buflex Pads w/15 holes – 6″, Each Pad

  • Rupes Big Foot 21mm Throw/ 180mm Pad/ Deluxe Kit

  • Rupes Bigfoot 12mm Throw / 100mm Polishing tool

  • Rupes Bigfoot Duetto single tool

  • Rupes BigFoot Mille Deluxe Kit

  • Rupes BigFoot Mille Single Tool

  • Rupes iBrid Nano Deluxe Kit

  • Rupes Mark III Big Foot 21mm Throw/ 180mm Pad/ Deluxe Kit