Smoke Odor Solutions

One of the most important parts of recovering from a fire is removing the smell that accompanied the blaze. At Professional Cleaning Supply, we aim to make that easy with our lineup of smoke odor solutions, including our patented Gorilla Truckbox ozone machine. Unlike other smoke odor solutions that leave a smell that’s nearly as bad as what you’re trying to remove, our chemicals are available in a variety of scents, allowing you to choose the best option for the removal. Our cleaning solutions are designed for professional cleaning companies, but can be used by home and business owners as well. Browse our shop to find the right smoke odor removal tools for your next job.

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  • Ecozone Professional Panther

  • Ecozone Super Activo

  • Gorilla Bamboo Mint Fusion

  • Gorilla Eucalyptus Fusion

  • Gorilla Truckbox Ozone Machine 3.5 g/h

  • Gorilla Peach Fusion

  • Sentinel Formula 505 Smoke & Odor Laundry Wash, Gallon

  • Sentinel Formula 522 Smoke & Odor Cleaner & Destroyer, Gallon

  • Sentinel Formula 531 Smoke & Odor Counteractant, Gallon