Gorilla Truckbox – Gorilla Odor Eraser – Carpet Deodorizer, Case (12 Pints)



Gorilla Chemicals Odor Eraser Odor-Cide for Serious Pet Odors
Odor Eraser is a severe odor counteractant that safely and immediately neutralizes odors associated with animals, humans, food, and smoke. It works instantly with no dwell time. Use on carpet, upholstery, mattress, pet bedding, and restrooms to permanently eliminate odor caused by pet urine, human waste, feces, decayed matter, vomit, garbage, and smoke. It also works great to eliminate odors in bird and reptile cages. Available in a 1-gallon concentrate, a 1 quart ready to use the product, and a 1-pint measuring bottle.
Dilution: 1:256 for Light Odors
1:16 for Sever Odors

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Weight 38 lbs


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